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Whether you are buying or selling, donating property , inheriting property or developing new sectional title units we can assist you from start to finish with the transfer. The following are some common examples of matters we can assist with :


SUBDIVISION OF PROPERTY- you may own a large tract of land that you want to subdivide and sell, or own under separate title.


ESTATE TRANSFERSinheritance - transfers where the owner is deceased and the property has been bequeathed to an heir or heirs.

-Sale of estate property - transfer where the owner is deceased and the property has been sold by the Executor


CONSOLIDATING PROPERTY - two or more properties sharing a common border may be consolidated into one erf.


DIVORCE ENDORSEMENTS/TRANSFERS- where parties have divorced and one or both parties wish to take formal transfer of the property into their names either in terms of a Settlement Agreement or by Agreement.


SHARE BLOCK TO SECTIONAL TITLE CONVERSIONS- if you own property in a share block scheme you may be able to transfer it to a sectional title . Owning the property  as a Sectional Title offers more security for you and has far more benefits than owning it with a Share Certificate.


NEW DEVELOPMENTS- we can assist developers with the drafting of a suitable Sale Agreement, the opening of the Sectional Title Register and transferring new units to owners.


LOST TITLE DEED- is the Title Deed to your property lost and despite searching you cannot seem to find it. Don’t panic – we can assist you with getting a Deeds office copy which will replace the lost title Deed. This new copy can be used for the transfer of your property and if the old copy is ever found it can be destroyed as the Deeds office copy would have replaced it.


SECTIONAL TITLES  - consolidation- the owner of a Sectional Title unit may consolidate two or more sections into one

-         Subdivision – the owner of a Sectional title Unit may subdivide his unit

-         Exclusive Use Areas can be sold

TRANSFER DUTY OR VAT- either Transfer Duty or VAT is payable which will depend on the nature of the seller and the transfer.


CASH TRANSACTIONS/ CASH DEPOSITS – Usually clients want to know when depositing cash for a

purchase price or deposit into our attorney trust account,is the amount of interest that will be earned. Any monies paid into our trust account will be invested at the best prevailing rate at the time. Not only that,we go the extra mile to ensure that our clients earn the best interest rate and we are able to fix the funds in fixed deposits for one week, two weeks, one month etc. depending on the time we estimate it could take for the transfer or deceased estate to be finalised. By doing this our clients can rest  assured that they will not be losing interest with funds paid into our attorney trust account



**For specific interest rates and for more information please contact us. e-mail us now